Hello Bloggers!!

After so many years...
It has been ages.. Since I last Blogged. I know.. I know..
Ever since I moved to East Timor, I have been so busy with work, social life and travelling around. 
There is so much going on and It's hard for me to find some time to share my fun stories on my blog.
After one and a half year working in East Timor, I have decided to come and stay in Finland. 
So I am currently in Finland now and finally got some time to blog.

Here are some quick pictures and descriptions of what's going on in my life.

Gili Island : Bike Ride Around The Island

Travel Diary : Sun Sea Sand
Gili Trawangan, I would say that the island is full of tourists, youngster mostly. 
Somehow it made me feel old. Partying next to teenager.
Makes me wonder, where was I when I am 20? 

Gili Island : Departure & Arival

Travel Diary : Journey to the Island
I've been travelling a lot for the past few months and it is quite exhausting to unpack and repack.
Been trying to find some time to share it with you guys but with the job interviews etc. I just can't find time to blog.
A few months ago, I joined one of my gf - Miseon to Gili Island, Lombok. It was a long holiday in Malaysia due to our Independence day.  

Floral Bath

This is one of my favourite practice to eliminate bad luck and bring good luck.
 The Mandi Bunga (Floral Bath) is a traditional cleansing ritual to ward off evil and illness. 
Most important thing is to bring good fortune and luck. 
Well it depends on what you believe in. 

23 September : I born on this day!

Photo Diary : Birthday with these two.
Hey there! Well well, today is the last day of September!! 
How time flies.. and I am still searching for job, sigh. 
Just a quick post today, would like to share with you some photos of my small birthday celebration with Lily and Mia. 
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