Christmas In Finland - The Goodbye

Photo Diary : Näkemiin
It was yet another wonderful trip in Finland.. I have been here few times and still Finland continue to amaze me in many ways. The beauty of the place.. the people.. food.. SAUNA!! I love Everything about Finland!!

Christmas In Finland - The Landscape..

Photo Diary : Finland's Nature
Look Deep Into Nature
And then you will Understand Everything Better
-Albert Einstein-

Christmas In Finland - Pulkkamaki

Photo Diary : Sledding Hill
Too cold outside.. all you wanted to do is to stay home.. sip some red wine and eat Ham all day long..
If Everyday like this... for sure you will gain some kg...
Well luckily its snowing.. more and more.. so its possible for us to go to "Pulkkamaki" means Sledding hill.

Christmas In Finland - Joulupukki

Photo Diary : Christmas Eve
In order to pay for my accommodation.. This is what I need to do!

Christmas In Finland - Day Before The Eve.

Photo Diary : Black And Pink
I Love Winter, Because I don't Look Fat in Warm Clothes.

Christmas In Finland - Day 3

Photo Diary : Patiently Waiting

Christmas In Finland - Day 2

Photo Diary : Frozen

Woke up in the morning.. to be able to see everywhere is covered with snow.. such a beautiful view.. deep breath.. and I count my blessings..

Christmas In Finland - The Travelling Part

Off to Winter Wonderland!!

Sephora Haul

New In - Sort Of
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

X'Mas Mani-Pedi Dilemma

11 more days till Christmas's Eve!

Choose Me.. Pick Me.. Give Me..

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell!
Ho Ho Ho people!!! Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet? This year I'm super excited cause for the very first time, Ill be using the Real tree instead of the fake one!! *Doing the Happy Dance*
Cant wait to decorate my Real Tree when I'm in Finland.. which is another 11 More Days!!

Friday Got me Feeling Like..

My Thoughts Today

Counting Days

"Hello December,
Make my Wishes Come True"
My very first Advent Calender!

La Casa

Big Breakfast @ La Casa - Verve Shops

Movie Date Night

  My kind of Saturday
Pretty Dress Checked, Eyeliner Checked, Lipstick checked and not to forget A smile to complete everything!

Uniformly Outrageous

Photo Diary : ABB Malaysia Annual Dinner 2014

Inhale.. Exhale..

Photo Diary : Blue Breeze
Take a deep breath.. and look up..

Taking Stock #2

After Monday & Tuesday
Even the Calender says

Weekend Recap : #02

Photo Diary : Weekend Well Spent
Pop Pop Popsicle Time!!

Last Day Of October : Halloween

Hello November, Goodbye October
My Outfits On Halloween

JazzBerry Jam

A Deep Shade of Red Violet

Weekend Recap : #01

Why Is Monday is So far from FRIDAY
And Friday is So Near To Monday??
Rainy Sunday by the Pool : Love the smell Of the Rains

Simplicity Overalls

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." 
- Thomas A. Edison -

Current Crave : Off Shoulder

And you should never cut your hair
coz i love the way you flick it off your shoulder

Xi' An : Haggle Haggle Haggle!!!

Haggle Or Despair
As you are all aware, in China Haggling is a Must!!

Shoulda.. Coulda.. Woulda..

 Picture From my Instagram

Staring at the blank page, thinking.. Did anyone notice that I have not been blogging or post any new pic on Instagram for a while (maybe

Xi' An Day 6 : Last Day!!!

"Don't Cry Because It's Over. SMILE because It Happened!!"

Xi' An Day 5 : Relax & Unwind

"Think Of All Beauty Still Left Around You & Be Happy"
After the Hiking Trip on day 4 - Read Here. We decided to do relaxing things today. Basically I slept till 12pm(The best sleep ever after so many days).

Xi' An Day 4 : Dangerous Hiking Trail

If you are in Xi' An, China, you must visit Hua Mountain. As this is one of China's Five great Mountain. 

Xi' An Day 3 : Tang Paradise

The Third day in Xi' An pretty much was just a simple lunch in local restaurant. Then we went and visit the Tang Paradise. 

Xi' An Day 2 : When The Sun Goes Down

Life in Xi'An City Centre
Bell Tower

After the wonderful visit to Terracotta Army. All of us started to feel hungry. Decided to go visit the Muslim Street. 
But before that, we dropped by at the Bell Tower to take some photos and also a quick visit to Starbucks for some coffee.

Xi' An Day 2 : Eighth Wonder Of The World

This is the Highlights if you visit Xi' An China. Terracotta Army!! A must GO place!
Took us 1hr 30mins to drive from Xi' An city centre. A bit of traffic along the way due to some constructions. Too bad it was raining the whole day.

Xi An DAY 1 : Arrival

Bumpy Rides

Xi An to Do list

Xi An, China
Xi' An is the capital of the Shaanxi Province. Old city with more than 3100 years in history.
As I Mentioned in the previous post, I will be visiting Xi' An tomorrow!! (22Sept2014).
Guess what, I haven't start packing yet!!
 Will stay in Xi' An for a week. Currently is Autumn over there. So far the weather forecast showing that it will be cloudy and raining sometimes, but on Wednesday and Thursday it will be a Sunny Day!

100 Happy Days

 Oh Happy Day!!

Of Cotton Candy & PopCorn

Photo Diary : Last Saturday

Six Yards Of Sheer Elegance

..The Perfect matching accessory for your Saree is not the Jewellery but your smile..

Bharata Natyam

Photo Diary : Traditional Indian Dance Charity Event
Tulssi and I

20 Facts About Me

Wanna Know More About Me?

Goodbye August : Hello September

Wake Me Up When September Ends
Blue Monday Blues

DIY : Weekend Activity Terrariums

Cacti\Succulents Terrarium

Souled Out

Photo Diary: Souled Out
Sizzling Lamb Cutlet - Marinated in Special Indian Herbs

Review : Please Me - Honey Love

Cant Get Enough Of M.A.C!

TOPSHOP : Brighton Rock & Depth

Lip Colour Addiction!!

The Perfect Organizer

Muji Make Up Organizer

Under The Weather

Feeling under the weather on Monday Blues

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La

Photo Diary : Buffet Night

Shades Of Green

“He told me his last name was Green. “Green?” I asked. “Can you spell that for me? I’m colorblind.” 

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