New Things for my Wardrobe

I saw this nice Studded Boots from Forever 21 the other day... Totally in love with it. However the next day, when I went again to buy the Boots... It was not there anymore.. :( SOLD out... Just my luck.

New In Blog?? Need some Help???

Blogging is something totally new to me. I just started it few weeks back. Took me awhile to create it.. beautify it.. Google how to this how to that.... *Google has always been my favourite helper *

So many things more for me to learn and discover!! Its not just writing and sharing pictures... Its more than that.

Since I have face some Obstacles during my Blog creations... So I thought its better for me to Post it all here, in-case anyone out there having same issue.

Summer Cottage Finnish Ways

Since I've started to Blog now, so I will share some of my Last year Trip in Europe. I was in Finland for 2 weeks, and the highlight of the Trip was to stay in a Summer Cottage, spending some peaceful time with my BF and his family.

Boyfie's 32th Birthday

It was my BF's birthday on 16th April.... Normally its always hard to figure out what to get for a GUY compared to a Girl.. But luckily my BF always tells me what he wants for his Birthday.

Angry Bird Land

Angry Bird is one of my favourite mobile apps. I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit the World's first Angry Birds Land last Summer--- Särkänniemi.

Visiting Phuket

So yea, I was in Phuket from March 28 till 31 2014... It was a last minute plan... I never been there before.. Some of Fred's friend visiting from Belgium hence I have decided to join them...

Hey Shereen, Welcome to Blog life

Basically, im a person that always on Facebook. Woke up in the morning and thats the first thing i check on my phone. Came in to my office, Facebook login is a must! I dont read newspaper, at all... and i got all my important NEWS update from Facebook... yea yea.. I admit that Facebook is my and ecstacy i cant live with it.

I bet everyone out there are doing the same thing right?

Everyday things are goin on normally until one day..... while checking out all my friends status updates.. vacation pictures... etc.. I realise that im wasting my time, like seriously??? What am i doing, what is so great about their life and why do i care so much about how many 'likes' they have and hw many do i have...

HAHA.. pathetic Shereen...

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