Angry Bird Land

Angry Bird is one of my favourite mobile apps. I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit the World's first Angry Birds Land last Summer--- Särkänniemi.

Särkänniemi is an amusement park in Tampere, Finland. Consists of few Roller Coaster and other fun rides. Scroll down for more snap shots.

Sarkanniemi view

Tukki Joki

Bumper Car

Games Booth

I cant ride on the Piggy train cause im TALL!

Yay!!! Im riding on one Bird....

Majakka-(Light House)

Fishing for the lucky Duck... Quek Quek 

After the hard work, this is what i got ~ a Dinosaur soft toy

One big Cotton candy before we say bubbye.

It was a good place to visit if you go to Finland. I was not able to cover the whole Särkänniemi as it was raining for a while and we spent most of our time riding Tukki Joki. 

Will definitely go again as I wanna watch Dolphin's show and go to Koiramäki (DogHill).

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