Boyfie's 32th Birthday

It was my BF's birthday on 16th April.... Normally its always hard to figure out what to get for a GUY compared to a Girl.. But luckily my BF always tells me what he wants for his Birthday.

We have been dated for 2 years ++.. and this is the 3rd Birthday together..
1st Year ~ Gucci Guilty Perfume
2nd Year ~ Kindle Paperwhite
This Year ~ He asked for a BELT.

Hmm... Belt, for me all the Belt looks the same, not sure what you need to look for when you buy one.
But I have decided to buy him a HUGO BOSS belt, since that is his fav Brand.

Got him a Reversible Leather Belt Black and brown. He can switch the Belt Buckle if he wants to change the colour. It was a cool belt!!!

Love the classic smooth leather with the rectangular metal buckle with the engraved logo.

Moikka is loving the Belt's leather smell

It was just a simple celebration, since im not good in Baking my own cake... I had to buy one from the shop. 

Bought a cake from Lavender Bakery shop in Mid Valley. It was really not bad!! I would recommend this bakery shop.

So yea, it was just a Kiss... candles blowing.. cake cutting and picture taking Birthday... And he was really happy with His GIFT!!! 

Happy Birthday Baby!!!! 


  1. Awww. How sweet :) Nice belt (and cake!).


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