Hey Shereen, Welcome to Blog life

Basically, im a person that always on Facebook. Woke up in the morning and thats the first thing i check on my phone. Came in to my office, Facebook login is a must! I dont read newspaper, at all... and i got all my important NEWS update from Facebook... yea yea.. I admit that Facebook is my and ecstacy i cant live with it.

I bet everyone out there are doing the same thing right?

Everyday things are goin on normally until one day..... while checking out all my friends status updates.. vacation pictures... etc.. I realise that im wasting my time, like seriously??? What am i doing, what is so great about their life and why do i care so much about how many 'likes' they have and hw many do i have...

HAHA.. pathetic Shereen...

Since i found Facebook is not that interesting anymore... I feel bored, especially while in the office... nothing interesting to browse.. Same old same old

One fine day, I saw my colleague.. she sat next to me... she was browsing this nice female on the website.. really interesting...

I asked her: 'what is that what is that?'
She said: 'just a blog, she is a famous blogger from Australia'

Ooohhhh... Since then Ive started to read about other people Blog.. and got hooked into it!!!! All the nice stories, pictures.. DIY things.. recipe... WOW!!! this is fun to read and you can learn so much!!!

I think i talk too much... to cut the story short... So finally, i have decided to open a Blog account... Lets see where this thing will lead me to...?

So yea.. Shereen... Welcome to Blog Life!!!!

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