New In Blog?? Need some Help???

Blogging is something totally new to me. I just started it few weeks back. Took me awhile to create it.. beautify it.. Google how to this how to that.... *Google has always been my favourite helper *

So many things more for me to learn and discover!! Its not just writing and sharing pictures... Its more than that.

Since I have face some Obstacles during my Blog creations... So I thought its better for me to Post it all here, in-case anyone out there having same issue.

First thing First
- You need to create Blog account.

- Can choose between Google Blogger (Im using this one) or Wordpress

- Naming your Blog
- Sounds easy, but trust me.. its not.
- I was kinda cracking my head trying to find a suitable name, came up with this whole lists of names but then  finally settle down with Choco Chip Chic.

Beautify Your Page
- Can easily use the ready made templates from Google Blog
- Or there are tons of Free Blogging templates online
- Then modify your background.. colours....

FAQ that I've asked myself

How to make Blog header center?
- This is the Page that I refer to Free Pretty Things For you

How to add Instagram to Blogger?
- I use Snap Widget

  •   Go to Snap Widget
  •   Click on 'Get your Free Widget'
  •   Customize your Widget

This is what I choose

  •   Press on 'Get Widget'
  •   Copy and Paste the code into your website

Where to paste the code???
  * Go to Design > Layout >Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript
  * Paste the code there > Save >Save arrangement

How to get the Bloglovin Button?
  • First you will need to register your self in Bloglovin
  • Then Claim your Blog in BlogLovin
  • Refer this link for more instructions:

How to add Categorical Post Tab?

How to make Images Same Size In Blog?

  • Go to Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS

Paste these inside:

.post img {
width: 350px;
height: auto;

.post-body img {
width: 350px;
height: auto;

Note: Change the desired width size by replacing 350 with what size you want.

Press enter then Apply to blog button to save it.

These are some of the bumps I've stumble so far.. Im still in the learning process, will post more in future!!

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