Summer Cottage Finnish Ways

Since I've started to Blog now, so I will share some of my Last year Trip in Europe. I was in Finland for 2 weeks, and the highlight of the Trip was to stay in a Summer Cottage, spending some peaceful time with my BF and his family.

Finland is a country of Thousands of lakes and Islands. From the air plane, you could see that Finland looks like a blue and green jigsaw puzzle.

Land Of Thousands Lakes

The country only have around 5 millions people. So you can imagine that most of the time, the roads are empty. Especially if you are driving around the small town, you hardly see any cars passed by.
I really enjoyed the drive as From where i come from, the traffic is always BAD.

So we planned to stayed at my BF's aunt Summer Cottage. It was somewhere in Kesälahti, Finland. The cottage was really nice!! The best part is that the lake is right in front of the cottage.. clear water and its not that deep... Knees level. This is the only lake that I managed to be in so far as Im not a good Swimmer.
Lovely Cottage

Finnish people are mostly quiet and calm *Thats what I've notice*. And they loves SAUNA!!! Each and every house in Finland will have at least one Sauna. I was told that Fins sauna is Different from others, as they love to throw water on the hot stones like all the times. When i was in Sauna for the first time, I couldn't take the Overloaded Steam... Barely can breath.. and i had to rush out of the Sauna. But i got used to it after a while.
Another thing about it is you have to be completely Naked in Sauna, haha... but of course I was not naked.. maybe cause I am from Asia and this might take a while for me to adapt to it.

The Pics will tell the rest of my experience... Scroll down for more.

Row Row Row a Boat...

 Bliss Peaceful Moments

Moose... It was really Big! Most of the car accidents in Finland are caused by Moose.

Cottage's Interior

Cottage's Interior

Resting and enjoying the Peaceful moments.. its hard to get this in Kuala Lumpur!!!

Will Blog more about my visit in Finland... stay tuned.

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