Visiting Phuket

So yea, I was in Phuket from March 28 till 31 2014... It was a last minute plan... I never been there before.. Some of Fred's friend visiting from Belgium hence I have decided to join them...

Everything was rushing... didn't have time to do a proper research on the hotels.. We just randomly booked one... Amata Resort, RM160 per night for deluxe room included breakfast. 

We left on friday night... So from the Phuket airport to our hotel (which located in Patong beach), we took a cab and it cost us RM80. Journey was around 1hour. 

Once arrived, we were greeted by friendly staffs. Room was satisfactory. The best thing I love about the hotel is the LOCATION.. situated near to the Junceylon and Bangla Road. Just need to walk about 5 mins. 

We went to the Bangla Road to experience Phuket night life, was really crazy!!!! 

The first thing we decided to do was.... guess what?? of course PINGPONG show.. haha....

You could see many people will approach you and ask whether you wana watch ping pong show, and no entrance fee...Just need to buy one drink.... So we randomly choose one, and this guy brought us the 'show location'... was really isolated... Once we entered the place (It was dark and not so crowded) we were approached by the waiter, Of course no entry fees... BUT GUESS what??!!! The drinks are so damn expansive!! 
-Coke, Beer : RM90
-Whiskey, wine: RM120
Since Im not a beer drinker, I bought myself one coke... And it was THE MOST expansive coke i have ever drank in my life... 

The show... was abit disappointment.. why?
- The lady that does the PING PONG show, she was really old.. guess around 40++ (so just imagine)
- And the topless dancers, the performance was ok but there is no smiles on their faces.. :( 
- You have to tip the waitress, the old lady few times.... 

**Overall.... It was a good experience, but i will never go again as we spent RM220 just to be there for less than one hour *cut throat*

Favorite part of the nightlife was the Pole Dancing!! The performance was really nice... and we tip them happily... they all deserve a good tips!!!

One of my fav Pole Dancer!! She was the bomb!!!!

Fred Tipping the 'Bunny Girl'

Thats pretty much about the night life.. You have to be there to experience it!! Alot more to explore...

During the day, we visited the BIG BUDDHA... We rented a Bike, cost us RM35 per day (really Cheap) 

The View on the way to Big Buddha.

Feeding Lily, smart lil monkey.

After BIG BUDDHA, on our way down the hill, we stopped by for the Elephant Trekking... RM80 per person. Really enjoyed our ride.. something worth trying.  

Our elephant Pee Pee time... Look at the amount of PEE... 

Some Relaxing time... Kata Beach.... Recommend to drive towards the south of Phuket,,,, Beaches are less crowded and cleaner here... 

So yea, thats about it in Phuket... Will def come again!!! Many more things to explore in Phuket... Till next time...

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