2nd Day Of May

Yayy... Finally its May. This month is gonna be great!! Been waiting for it to arrive..

Few more days then ill be Flying off to Europe, again!! Cant wait for it, another long Holiday~ not that long tho only 19days. *Im a happy child*

This picture taken last year- Kota Kinabalu

So today is the 2nd day of May, Friday.. Im off from work. Nothing much really the whole day. I was supposed to go for a full Thai body Massage, but too comfy lying down in my cozy bed, hugging pillows zzzzz...

Basically these are the things Ive been doing the whole day today:

Cereal, coffee and reading blogs for breakfast

These are my current favourites, tiny butter and Jam. 

While having my breakfast, I realised that Moikka's Wheatgrass is growing well!!! Thanks to my Boyfriend for planting it. Ive been trying to plant it twice, but both trials was failed~ I have to admit that I do not have a Green Fingers. Plant hates me!! 

Wheatgrass is really good for Cats.

After breakfast, I spend my whole day watching Breaking Bad!!

Say my Name!!!! Heisenberg

Yeap, Managed to complete the whole season.. Finally!! Series was a lil bit slow in the beginning, but it was getting more and more intense in each episode..kept me going. I have to admit that Im not a good series watcher, always quit halfway~for some reason. 
So overall, for me Breaking Bad is worth watching.

Thats about all for today, I know May will be good to me... 14 more days till my holiday.. :)

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  1. Hey, I love your blog so I've nominated you for a Liebster award! All the info is over on my blog: http://mollyfrancesca.blogspot.co.uk/ xo


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