A Sunny Day in Ghent, Belgium

Ghent ~ Beautiful city with medieval architecture. My fav highlights are the Belfry, the Gravensteen castle and the 40mins boat trips...

It has similarities with other famous cities in Belgium ~ Brugge, Brussels... What i love about this city is    for the Gravensteen Castle. Means 'The castle of the count'. I have always wanted to visit a castle, and this is one of the well maintained castle in Belgium.

Entrance fee is : 10euros for adult above 25years old and 6euros for below 25. *luckily im 25*
Beautiful Castle

My Fav room is the torture room. Very interesting to learn about those days, how they punish and torture the convicts. Some of the pics below:

This used to chopped off heads, and the heads will then drop in the Baskets

Look at the sharp Blades

Tools used to torture

Sample on how they used to torture

Oops, they need smaller cuffs for my hands~too tiny

This is in asylum


The Castle Exterior

Heavy door to the Castle

Welcoming Shereen

Siting by the castle window~thinking about my future

hmmm~ lets see... 

Daydreaming of becoming the Princess of Ghent

The boat trips in Ghent is good too, as the tour guide will explain about the Middle Age History. Ticket fees is 6.50euros per person.

Some of the beautiful shots of Ghent. Perfect weather for pictures. Clear blue sky and tiny cotton candy clouds.

And then yeah, after all the walking and climbing... Its time for Food!!! while on the boat trips, the guide informed us that 'Waterzooi' is the famous Ghent dish. So we give it a try. you can choose either Fish or chicken, we choose chicken. Taste really yummy. A must Try~recommended. 

Also tried the Goat cheese Salad.

More pictures before we leave Ghent.

I Am wearing:
Dress ~ H&M
Boots ~ H&M
Sunny ~ Guess
Handbag ~ Santa Barbara
Necklace ~ Forever21


  1. Great photos. I am loving your boots.

    Fabulous 30s

    1. Thanks to my Partner in Crime for the photos.. :)

  2. he's doing a really good job with the picture takings!! nice haha. enjoy x

    1. hehe.. yea... compared to my BF... i dun think ill get pictures of me in Finland


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