From Middelburg, Vlissingen To Sluis, Netherlands

Visited these two small town. So dutch people from Middelburg came to Malaysia once upon a time. Few buildings in Malacca, Malaysia having the similar architecture in Middelburg.

What is special in Middelburg? Hmmm.... It is just another town with old beautiful buildings. The City Hall is nice.

Lucky me on the day we visited, they have the morning market. Managed to see many locals fish and food.

As per my tour guide - Mr Fred, advised me to try the locals Maatjes Fish while Im there. Its a Fish, and they eat it raw with onions. So I tried---- And I hate it, full stop. 

We also bought the Holland waffles ~ 'Stoopwafels' and I love the taste!! At least, after the Herring Fish I needed something to clean my mouth.. :P

These are the snap shots in Middelburg.

Fishy smells.. wait.. it is a Fish!!

This is how you supposed to eat Maatjes!!!

uughh... im gona do this...

On our way back, we actually stop by Vlissingen, Netherland... This is the nearest Coffee Shop to Belgium. Big girl wana get high on Weed..

Final Stop is Sluis. Here they have couple of sex shops. So you dont have to go all the way to Amsterdam. Weed in Vlisingen and sex shop in Sluis. :)

Till next Blog!!!


  1. omg the fish...ew.. haha. the town look really peaceful!

    1. lool... the fish was really yucks... never again!!!


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