Happy Friday!!

Yipeeeeeeeee... Its FRIDAY!!!! Today is the day to let go all the bad things you've encountered this week and have a great weekend!!

I was home the whole day today.. decided to go chill out at my Condo's Jacuzzi.... 

Currently in Malaysia, most of the evening it will rains like cats and dogs.. Together with lightning~ really scary sometimes. 

Lucky enough today I managed to hang out by the Jacuzzi. With a good weather *sort of*, but as you can see from the last pictures, the dark clouds are coming!! Unfortunately.. It was raining shortly after that... 

Thats about the starting of my weekend.. Hope your Friday is awesome too!!


  1. It's gettin cooler in australia, so we're super jealous hat you're able to wear a bikini! We can't wait til summer


    1. hahaha.. Dont Be.. Summer is coming soon!!!

  2. Lovely bikini! The pool looks so refreshing..I am jealous too..

    Love Priya


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