Journey to Belgium

This year Spring/Summer vacation is in Belgium, Holland, and Finland Again!! As you know, its easier to have someone living there ~ save cost in accommodations.

The first stop is Belgium. Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport via KLM. Total journey on plane is roughly around 12 hours. *Tell you the truth, I hate Flying ~ Fullstop* Thank god Im flying with my Partner In Crime- Fred.

We arrived at Amsterdam Airport at 5.36am. From the airport, we have to take train to go to Vlissingen.

So everything went smooth except for one event whereby Fred paid extra for the Train tickets. As you can see the tickets cost only 24.80 Euro per person. Instead of paying 50 Euro for two persons, Fred end up paying 100 Euro!!!! Who to blame?? I blame the counter guy.. :( cause he gave the wrong Info *Maybe still dreaming as it was 6am in the morning* and US *just 1%* for not checking the tickets. Best part we only realize it while on the train. So too late to do anything.

Bad Experience with the Fares.

Train ride was fun, took us 2 hours to get to Vlissingen. 

Once we are in Vlissingen, we need to take Ferry Ride to cross over Belgium. Ferry ride cost us 3 Euro per person. It was a fast ferry ride ~ less than 30 mins and we crossed over.

While waiting for our ferry...

 On the ferry

After the ferry... Finally Fred's parents pick us up by car.. Another 30mins drive to Knokke Heist, Belgium. But before that, we had a quick coffee time together!!! *I needed it so bad*

We arrived at our destination at roughly 12pm Belgium time. Just nice time for Lunch. Frankly speaking, it was a tiring journey! But was worth it. :) 

Will blog more on my trip!! Still in Europe till 3 June.. This is just the beginning. :p


  1. nice!! cant wait for more post! *im dying in office* lol have fun babe xx

    1. haha.... hang on there in the office.. will be home soon!! xx

  2. So jealous of your travels! Would love it if you stopped by my blog

    1. Hi Jone, thanks for stopping by my blog!! love your blog.. xoxo


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