Meet My Kitty ~ Princess Moikka.

Today I would like to share with you the love of my life ~ Princess Moikka. 

Moikka is my Precious Kitty, she is a mixture of Maine Coon and Domestic cat breed. I got her on October 2013, for now.. she is still a growing baby kitty. :)

Actually I don't see myself as a cat person, as I have few bad experience with cats. *Especially Orange Cats* But then people change..

So it started with few of my friends. They got themselves a cat, whenever i visit them.. I was like "owhhh sooo cute... cat so fat.... AWwww" Bla Bla Bla...

Since then, I started to hunt for Kitty.. My favourite website that I always browse while Im at work is PETFINDER. So many cute kitty in that website, but somehow this cute orange kitty with nice stripe on her tail caught my attention.

At first I was still unsure whether to have a cat at home, so many responsibilities to consider before you decided to have a pet. Can I afford to have a cat? Can I spend time with her? Give her full attention and love? What about taking her to VET? 

Hmmm.. So many questions.. But at last, the moment I hold my baby kitty for the first time, Immediately I know that she belongs to me!!! Im happy for the decision I made, she is a good companion at home and a very intelligent CAT! After all, it doesn't cost alot to have a cat.

Moikka means Hello in Finnish. :)

These are some of the pictures:



  1. aw she's so cute, orange cats are my favourite :) x

    1. Thanks Emily A... haha.. Orange cats always reminds me of garfield.. xoxo

  2. I adore cats and your cat Moikka is so precious! I love her beautiful coloring!



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