Yellow And Blue

Time flies so fast. I wish that I could spend more time in Belgium. Fred and his family really made me feel like home. Missing them dearly.

Im standing at the border

Last Saturday was Little Geike first Communion. After the morning ceremony in church we all went to celebrate it at one of the Fine Restaurant in Sluis, Netherlands. Name of the restaurant is Restaurant de Vijverhoeve.

Food was really yummy, the service was great!! I have nothing to complain about. Fred's whole family member was there on that night. It was my pleasure to meet them all, they are all really lovely.
The outside terrace of the restaurant

Table presentation

whats for the evening


Overall the food was really great!!! Fred stopped me from drinking more as he was afraid Im gonna be too drunk. *I was only a lil bit tipsy*

We always look cute together!!!

Some of the families snap shot:

What I wore
Dress ~ Zara
Wedges~ Nichii
Necklace ~ Forever21

We eat, drink, and chat all night long. Too bad there is no after party afterwards. Everyone had to leave home as the next day is the Voting day.

Really enjoyed my day with them. Hope to meet them again next time. And perhaps to learn how to speak dutch *Just to impress the family*

Im in Finland now till next monday but the weather is not so good. It is below 10 degree and raining everyday. Maybe there will not be much pic on Finland then.


  1. Lovely outfit! Great pics..
    I like the bright summer colors..

    Love Priya


  2. I love your outfit color combo, and so much good food (and drinks). Have fun in Finland hehe

    1. hehe... thanks... finland today i think is 13degree. so lazy to go out.. cold..


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