Current Crazeeeee

Here we go again...
Printed Dress with Borders : Zara
IPhone Casing : Bershka 
Crystals Necklace : Zara
Flat Sandals : Bershka
Handbag : Michael Kors

It is perfectly normal for a girl to spend money on unnecessary items.. Well maybe some are not ~ Lucky them. Haha...

So these are pretty much what is on my Wishlists at the moment.

Ive been day dreaming about Michael Kors for a while now, still cant decide should I spend that much for a handbag??? ~ Well you know, snatch theft rates in Malaysia is kinda high. But lets see...

Yea.... Cacti.... Im crazy about them now!!! Maybe Its the only plant that can last long in my house *I think* Somehow all my plants died on me so fast. ~Sigh. My BF says that I must sing to them everyday...WHAT?!!!

Lets hope ill manage to fulfil all my lists. Sometimes it is hard to be a girl, too many things going on in our pretty mind, especially mine.

What about you girls?? Any recent craze... 


  1. Love the dress from Zara!!! ... but the price tag tho T.T hahah

    xx Juli

    1. Haha Juli, yea... RM150.. for a simple dress like that... I know right! But its sooo nice.. haha..

  2. hahah that bag is perfection. stop thinking about it :p

    1. Sigh.... it appears in my daily dreams... :( maybe one day

  3. I have Michael kors handbag and trust me it's awesome! I have no idea how Chanel or Prada feels like, but for my first expensive bag, Michael Kors went very well :) There is only one problem...I want more!

    1. haha... im still thinking whether its worth it to spend on a handbag,, like what u said.. once u have it you will want for more... lets see..xx


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