Fatty Crab

People are queuing up just to eat here!!

Since one of my GF, Joyce is leaving on Holiday soon (Few months)... We decided to go to our Favourite seafood restaurant to have dinner Last Thursday..
Fatty Crab is a well known CRAB restaurant in Petaling Jaya, so if you are around here... Its a MUST try restaurant!!

Fatty Crab’s signature dish is their sweet and sour crab which many choose to eat with a portion of bread to soak up the gravy

Restaurant Business Hours is at 5pm till 11pm, closed on every Monday. 
Based on the pic above, we arrived at the restaurant around 9PM, and we still have to wait some time--Many people!!! 
Bear in mind that there is no such thing as Reservation in Fatty Crab!
Another thing, Fatty Crab is a HALAL restaurant--No PORK serve!!

Us while waiting.. still can smile, even though stomach screams for food! 

Finally after waited around 30mins - we have our seats.

While waiting for or Fat Crabs... We ordered chicken wings---these are really yummy!! Hot and nice, gone in 10mins..

Hmmm... hot wings with the sauce..

When Hunger attacks... We just eat like there is no tomorrow.. 
*care nothing about eating like a fine lady*

So the Crab normally will take a while, advise to order Chicken wings or satay.. :)

Fried Rice is another Famous must try here!!

Eat together with the Crab Gravy.. ohhh my.. the taste is Awesome.

Finally--- Here comes our sweet and sour Crab!! Looking at this picture again makes me Hungry *Gulp*

Love to eat Crab.. But Im not a good eater, kinda hard for me to open the shell *Normally Mom and BF will help*

Lucky we have Tools to eat the Crabs

This is how you eat!! With bread to soak up the gravy... and fried rice..

Some Award I stumble into:
"Restaurant Fatty Crab won Best Seafood in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013. It was shortlisted in the same category in 2010. Our food awards are 100% voted for by the people of KL. This way, we guarantee that popularity and consistent performance are rewarded."

If you love Crab... This is the place to be!!

Here are some of the 'Camwhoring' session while in Fatty Crab:

Girl wanna stay pretty among the Crabs... :)

Good food with fun people... The total Bill for four of us : RM189.00 - Not too bad for delicious food.. *Nothing to complain*
We barely could lift ourself back to the car.. Overloaded with food.. *Walking like a Crab*

After this good meal..all four of us went to watch Germany-USA football match.. 
Plus my Favourite Shisha Time..

Another good day well spent!

What about you?? Do you love to eat crab??

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