Friday the 13th

Im Wearing
White tube top : H&M
Pants : Seppala
Necklace : Forever 21
Lip Colour : Saint Germain by MAC

Thats right, today is Friday the 13th. 

Interesting fact I read about it is that today is Full Moon as well and the next time the full moon will fall on Friday the 13th will be 2049!!! 

Since I did not do much today and have nothing to Blog about, hence Im sharing my Look of the day. Just a simple outfit to go out dinner. Since me and my BF needs to reduce some weights, we decided to go for healthy soup at Chinese Restaurant~ Kitchen Steamroom

The Best of Double Steamed Soup

And yea, its kinda difficult to wear Saint Germain lipstick. But after few you tube tutorial, finally i managed to get it *still need more practice tho*.

Thats about all I think for today. Im going to sleep now cause need to wake up at 3am(Malaysia time) to watch World cup ~ Spain Vs Nederland. Go Nederland!!!!!!


  1. did you wake up for the game? haha. i LOLed at cute!! nice casual look too xx

  2. Sha, hahaha.. moikka is too cute some times... i woke up for 5 mins then zzzzz... just recorded the game.. lol


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