June Favorites

Hi there you all.. Hows your first week of June going on? Good?? Mine was awesome apart from some minor Jet Lags ~ still having difficulty sleeping at night!

Anyhow, Great May has passed and June is starting with good news!! ~ Im getting salary increment!!! Yay!!

And some other Favourites stuff in June....

So yea, Im actually not a good make up person *most of the time Im just using eyeliner and lipbalm* But after starting my Blogin Life, its about time to try out new stuff. 

After so many years, finally Ive step my feet into a M.A.C store. It was a completely new experience for me as I have no clue what to get. Thanks to the experience staff, she managed to help me out. So basically Im just getting the main things first:

  • Foundation : Pro Longwear SPF 10 ~ NW43
  • Primer : Prep+Prime Natural Radiance ~ Radiant Yellow
  • Lipstick : Diva (Matte)
  • Lipstick : Saint Germain
  • LipPencil

Saint Germain

Diva(Matte) Love the colour on my lips!!

Really happy with my purchase! Crazy about M.A.C lipstick cause my Lips are really sensitive *Most of the lipstick I use will end up Swollen lips the next day* Luckily my Lips agree to M.A.C products.

Next few days I will Visit M.A.C store again but together with her. As she need to purchase some makeup as well :) Looking forward for it!

Next Favourites this month is:

My newly purchased Iphone5s

Yea I know I know, Iphone 6 is launching soon!! But I have no choice to get this first as my Old phone ~Samsung S2 is not working at all.. *after 5 years using..finally died on me*

But anyhow, Im so happy with my new baby ~ works really well!! Goodbye Android and Hello IOS!! 

So far these are my latest fav in June, hope more to come!! 

What about you guys?? 


  1. We love Saint Germain! Gorgeous Colour!

    1. thanks 2 Mates and a blog!!! love MAC lippy color!!

  2. I do love a good Mac haul, the lipsticks are just fab :) xx

    1. Agreed with you Nina Zane! Thanks for dropping by

  3. hehe it's a good shopping month for you! enjoy x
    p.s macaron pls

    1. hehe Sha, i still keep the macarons.. lol


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