Lifestyle in Verve Suites

Welcome to my humble residence!!!!

Halo to my darling readers.... So this blog is going to be about my home. Few months back, me and my BF moved to a new Unit, same condo- Verve Suite but different unit. We used to live in Block B, 'Urban Glam'... and we moved to the Best Block, Block D*Newly build this year*.. The condo design is 'Metro Lux'

Why we moved??? Click on both designs and compared it for yourself :) 

Basically Verve Suites is a Serviced Apartment and its fully furnished... Maybe for some of you might prefer to have own personalise furnitures... but for me, since I move alot *not yet settle down*.. Fully furnished Apartment is my Favourite choice at the moment....

Anyways... as I mentioned earlier, I just moved few months back.. so.... still need more stuff to add on!!!! SO far the place is ok, but with more Green Plants.. flowers etc... It will cheer up the place more! Dont You think?

Enough said.. so let me show you some pics...

Living Room

Dining + Kitchen 

Where I Sleep

Guest Bedroom

Study Room

My Room Bathroom

Im still hunting for more Deco stuff for my place... so far, Im happy with the Chic Furnitures and Design~have nothing to complain. I Really love the combination of dark and light colours.. Really suits me well!!

Another fancy part about Verve Suite is their Sky Beach!! The Beach is just above me!!! Also each block have their own significant common area.. View more here.

Here are some of the Sky Beach Pictures... The peaceful place to be in Verve...

Thats about all for this time Home Tour.. Will share more once I have completed with my Home Deco...

Its 10.30PM now in Malaysia.. Im gonna sleep now.. See you on next blog!!!


  1. your place looks amazing! love the modern feel of the whole interior... and THAT VIEW from the pool!!!! haha

    xx Juli

    1. thanks julie... ye.. pool is my fav!! xo

  2. Replies
    1. :) nwdays so crowded with kids.... nice but noisy


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