May Look Book

Say What!!!! Its June already? Time flies and we are in the middle of the year. Just would like to share with you my Look in MAY.

Dress ~ Forever 21
Wedges ~ Nichii

Jumpsuits ~ H&M
Shoes ~ Vans

Dress ~ Forever21

White Shirt ~ Forever 21
Skirt ~ Abercrombie

Dress ~ H&M
Boots ~ H&M

Dress ~ H&M

Dress ~ Forever 21

Jacket ~ H&M
Dress ~ H&M
Leggings ~ Forever 21

Dress ~ Zara
Clutch ~ Bonita

These are my top 10 look in May, basically all were taken while Im in Europe.

What about yours? 


  1. All the looks are great! my favorite is the one with the yellow zara dress!

    Love Priya


  2. ah i just saw this! all the colors


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