Yeap.. The title says it all.. 
I have been having crazy cravings for pasta the last couple of weeks..

The Deco of this place is simple and nice

What we had:
Me : Marinara Fettuccine

My Boyfriend : Meatballs Pasta
-Initially he told me that he was not hungry at all....But somehow he managed to ate it all without any trace... The pasta must be really good ehh..

For our drinks
-Honey Lemon with pearly pop*love the pop pop thing*
-Lychee Freeze

The location of this Pasta Mania is at KLIA2... Went there to fetch my Boyfriend from his company Trip. Since I was hungry and crave for Pasta badly, so decided to try out PastaMania. 
Turns out to be really good!!! 
This is a Singapore grown Italian Restaurant - Their first franchise (In Malaysia) was open in Pavillion.
Definitely recommended!! Must Try!!

Before I end this Blog today, Just wanna share my experience in KLIA2. Overall, really happy that they replaced LCCT with KLIA2. For those of you that have been to LCCT, you must admit that it is really crowded and messy.. Well now we dont have to worry anymore... for a Low Cost Terminal-KLIA2 is really impressive!! With all the new shops. bigger space.. better washroom*lets hope this lasts* Well nuff said.. you must visit it yourself..

What Im Busy doing Lately:
Organising Team Party next Friday with Her
The theme is Hawaii
Cant wait for it!!!

What about you?? Would like to hear from you...


  1. That meatball pasta looks delicious!
    This post has made me very hungry ;)
    x tink x

  2. hehe... thanks for dropping by Tinkerbell xoxo


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