Thai Odyssey

After a long tiring day at work... Decided to go for a 2 hours Traditional Thai Full Body Massage 
Let me share some of my experience..
An Oasis for Mind..Body..and Soul

I have tried Swedish.. Chinese.. Malay.. massages.. and I must say Thai Traditional is my Fav!! 
I am so lucky to have such a sweetheart Boyfie - He bought me the Massage Package for last year Xmas.. 
Traditional Thai Massage(120mins) for 12 times
Wonderful Gift for a girl like me *need massage almost once in two months*

For Thai massage.. you will either Love it or Hate it.. Why??? Some people will not like the way they CRACK, turn and stretch your body... But for me, I love it - Of course it is hard for me to fall asleep during the session *too much movement-left right up down* But end of the day.. I will be satisfy.--Most important thing (dont you agree?)

What I like about Thai Odyssey is for their good service.. The Masseuse are really Professional, know what they are doing.. The atmosphere of the place is really nice, the moment I enter.. My mood transformed-- felt so relax *Due to the aromatherapy oil*.. along with some nice soothing music playing....

 Nuff said... lets see the pics... 

Feet scrubbing - must admit this was abit ticklish 

The Interior Decorations...

Lucky me to be in VIP Room!!!! Privacy Guaranteed!

How the room looks like

Love the way they folded the Towel

Hello... VIP room has private bathroom and Jacuzzi-- too bad my package does not include Jacuzzi Spa

What Im wearing*some sort of Pyjamas* -- Selfie before massage starts

What kinda packages they offer and $$$

That was a wonderful 2 Hours Massage... Felt my body is floating now. :) 
Next stop -- Of course FOOD!!!!

Bangkok House is my choice for tonight.

Whenever My throat Screams for TOM YUM... This is where i Go...
Im a Big Fan of TOM YUM and any spicy food..
Tried many restaurants.. But BangkokHouse Tom Yum is THE BOMB!!!
Spicy till your tear drops *Trust me*

Plain Rice
Plain Water
Seafood Tom Yum

yum yum.. Look how red it is

Best part about this tom yum compared to others.
They put Crab!!!
Make it taste awesome...

If you love Tom Yum.. and have not try it in Bangkok House.. Please DO!
and would love to have more suggestions on good Tom Yum Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur..

So this is how I pamper myself today... ahh and forgot to mention. I did some shopping too!! Will Leave that to the next blog... 

Blog Soon!!


  1. I'm so jealous, need to go with you on your next pampering session! x


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