The Daily Grind

Firstly I would like to wish Happy Father Days to all the countries that celebrates it today!!

Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers 14 
Spicy stuffed jalapeño with almond 
cream cheese & crisp fried

Our burgers 

Italian Mozza Burger 35 
Melted mozzarella, grilled peppers, 
smoky tomato sauce & basil pine nut 

Juicy Bluesy Burger 35 
Blue cheese-stuffed burger! With rocket 
salad & sautéed mushrooms 

Strawberry Shake

The officially recognised date of Father's Day varies from country to country.  Malaysia celebrates it every third Sunday of June. Since Im working today and my parents are having some other plans together, hence we all decided to celebrate it next saturday together with my Dad's birthday.

Nothing much for today, my BF and I just went to The Daily Grind to try out their burgers. Malaysian Finnish Society gave a really good review about this Restaurant.

The place is cozy, good ambience.... they even have their own sauce. SO we ordered food as per pics above, and my Fav is the Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers~awesome!!!! The burgers was ok, my BF really enjoyed it. BTW I had two of the strawberry shake!!!

Overall the restaurant is good, will go again for diff burgers! 

Also I would like to Wish my BF Happy Fathers Day ~ For being a nice Papa to our baby kitty Moikka!!

Moikka says ~ Meow meow 


  1. haha Moikka got a new pet. No wonder the turtle is gone today lol. So cute ^^

    1. sha, u shud see how she attack the turtle!!!! SHes angry cause no matter what she does to the turtle, the turtle still stays slow... hahha


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