How Frequent Do You Go For Medical ChekUp?

New In - Sort of

Happy Monday lovelies!!

Taking Stock #1

You Are My Favorite Day Dream

Crystal Clear Blue Sea.. White Sandy Beach...Coconut trees everywhere..
Yes.. You... I'M Day Dreaming about you...

Flowers & Blooms

“The earth laughs in flowers.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Urban Sunset

Photo Diary : Heli Lounge Bar
This is how I spent my Tuesday evening.. Sipping wine with lovely people on a Heli Pad.

Purple Love


OF Printed Skirt and Wedges

Must love Wedges

Mini Mini Heart Shape

Just would like to share my Office look yesterday.

Monday Blues

"The Worst thing about Sunday is knowing that tomorrow is MONDAY"
Good Way to overcome Monday Blues is to
-Pretend that today is not MONDAY-

Lets Overcome Monday Blues with some Wonderful Blue

Lazy Weekend

Its The first weekend of July.. Time Flies like an Arrow..
After the Party on Friday, I really need a good rest.. 
SO this weekend basically Im just spending time in bed..
With My Love - Moikka the orange Cat

4th Of July - Luau Party

Luau Party... Yess!!! 
Thats the reason why Im not Blogging - Too Busy with everything!

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