4th Of July - Luau Party

Luau Party... Yess!!! 
Thats the reason why Im not Blogging - Too Busy with everything!

My Office mates decided to let me and Sharon to organise a small party to get together.
We came up with the Hawaiian Theme.

As you can see.. We are crazy about Pineapples!

Sharon did some pineapples deco

Mini Lanterns

Party Location - Level 27, Hyperdine. My condo.
Preparing stage

Picture time!!!

The Party Planner

Fruits Tart

Lovely watermelon and honey dew..by Sharon

I am wearing
Dress - H&M
Flower hairband - Forever 21

The preparation part was abit tiring. Do this and do that.. sigh
Plus this week was kinda stress for me at work. Juggling with lots of issues.. - On top of all that I must organise this party*Scream!!*

Sometimes it is hard to please everyone!!
Anyway Glad that everyone enjoyed the food and our hospitality.

See you next blog!


  1. Cute idea! I love it :)

  2. babe, finally, it's over. haha no more planning yay

    1. yea.... no more... haha.. next time just eat in mid valley... :)


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