How Frequent Do You Go For Medical ChekUp?

I will go for Medical Check Up once a year.. Sometimes people tell me that Im still young -26. Why would I waste money every year? As In Malaysia, you need to spend at least few hundreds for a checkup. Well for me Prevention Is Better Than Cure. 

This year, I am lucky cause my current company ABB is covering for my Medical Check Up *Not every year Tho, only once in two years* So no $$ spend this year! Yay. The Best part is, ABB Panel is in LifeCare Medical Centre. Unlike other places, you will need to wait few days, some even few weeks for your test results. In LifeCare you will get your test result on the same day!!

So let me share some of my experience while in LifeCare:

- Arrived and advised to go to Level 1
- Once there, they help me to key in details in their system 
- Provide me with a small bottle.. for my urine
- Then time for some blood *Must fast 8 hours*
- Measure my BMI
- Eyes Test
- Blood Pressure 
- Heart Rate
- X-Ray

So after all these completed... Its time to wait for my test result... tick tock tick tock... It took 1hour for the blood result and another 1hour to wait for the consultation from doctor. 
I must say that their services and facilities are really good. *As you can see from the photos*Staffs are really professional. Treat you really nice and warm feels like you are in a hotel!

Test Result this year is way better than last year!! Only thing is I need to loose some weight :)


  1. The hospital looks so posh. Like you, I believe it is important to always take preventative actions. Health is wealth. I am pleased that you are doing great

    1. yes!! Health is wealth!!! thanks Estee xx

  2. I have to agree with you, prevention is the cure. You are not too young for an annual check up. :)

    Aissa // Aissa Carmela

    1. hihi.. yes!! Its feels good when u know that u r healthy! xx

  3. I deffo agree we have to take care of our bodies, and annual check ups are a great idea!

    What a lovely post - hopefully it inspires others to take care of their health :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  4. The hospital looks gorgeous haha, is that wierd for me to say??

    Ana X

    1. haha.. thanks Anna!! It does looks gorgeous compared to other hospital!

  5. Hospital looks more like a lounge & I am usually scared of going to the hospital but this one?
    I wouldn't mind visiting! :P Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+
    & Bloglovin? Please lemme know! & keep in touch!


    1. Followed you on GFC, G+ and bloglovin!! xx

  6. Doctors/Hospitals terrify me.. haha. But it's always important to keep up with your body!
    Loving your blog, by the way. Follow on GFC!


    1. Thanks for reading Maureen!! followed you back on GFC & Bloglovin!! xx


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