Lazy Weekend

Its The first weekend of July.. Time Flies like an Arrow..
After the Party on Friday, I really need a good rest.. 
SO this weekend basically Im just spending time in bed..
With My Love - Moikka the orange Cat

This month is kinda tough for me.. Why???
- Its a Fasting month for muslim..and Im Fasting..and temptations everywhere
-Did not do well at work last month, so need to do alot of catch up this month
- My Boy Friend is away on summer Holiday *Finland at the moment till 15July* Im Lonely!!
- BFF and Partner In Crime is not in Malaysia as well.. So you an imagine how I Feel

Lucky for me, I have a lovely cat - Moikka.. She is a good companion and I LOVE her..

Yeap.. My stripe Socks.. Moikka loves it too!!

Since I have the whole house to myself.. I Have been watching Romantic Chick Flicks movies all day..
-A walk To Remember
-Forgetting Sarah Marshell
-Maid In Manhattan
-Monster In Law

What about you?? Hows your weekend going?


  1. Love the socks:)! They look so comfy!


    1. Thanks Christian!! love them too.. my bf mom gave it to me:)

  2. Replies
    1. hehe.. she is always cute.. purrrr cat


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