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Just would like to share my Office look yesterday.

Most of the time, I will be wearing simple dresses with a cardigan..  As they are easy to match with anything.
I'm kinda superstitious as well.. Meaning.. If Im having couple of misfortunes in a day -- I will never wear that same outfits any more*Only to office*!!

Example there is once, I was getting ready to go to work, was wearing this newly bought Green Mint Dress... Everything is done and ready to go.. *Normally Ill go to work by cab* So that day when I try to call for cab.. few times.. even with tips.. There is no cab willing to pick me up!!! None! and I was already Late.. Then I was like -- Maybe this dress is Bad Luck. Without wasting any more time, I went and changed to a different Outfits.. and try to book a cab again.. Guess what.. I got my cab right away!!

So yea.. I can be really superstitious... I believe in everything.. and the story above is only one example. 
*I have plenty more*

I am Wearing 
Dress - Cotton On
Heels - Vincci
Necklace - Borneo Pearls

Thanks to Sharon for taking my photos.

I will make a habit of taking my OOTD pictures more often!! Will share more on the next Blog.


  1. You are superstitious! Haha i remember that story. Comfiest dress ever xx

  2. That is such a cute dress! Feels like the best of the 90s.

  3. You look fab! super stylish at the office :D this reminds me of a 4th of July look! Love the blog hun :) Keep up the good work


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