Purple Love


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This week Purple is my Inspirations... Purple makes me think of Amethyst - My favourite Crystal..
I used to be a promoter for a small Crystal shop when I was 18(Part time job). Because of that, I have gained some knowledge on Crystals.. Each Crystals have their own unique features. Mostly provides you with the Healing energies..

What so special about Amethyst?? Read here to know more. For me, I used to have Insomnia*real bad one* Then I bought a Heart shape Amethyst Pendant -Sadly I broke it, and they say broken crystal will bring bad luck-.. and it really helps me to sleep.. As this stone can provide calm, balance, patience, and peace.

PS:no more issues with sleeping now as I have my BF to hug

This week review.

  • Boyfriend still in Finland. Cant wait for him to come home on Wednesday
  • Few Issues with my apartment, Glad that all fix now. *Especially with my Water Heater*
  • Unsatisfied moment at work.. still trying to overcome that - slowly but surely
  • Still spending unnecessary - No way to Overcome this!!
  • Went out party on Friday!!! Met new people and yea.. My market value is still high!!

What about you?? What is your favourite Crystals???


  1. Ah, what a striking post! It's not surprising that you've done a post on the colour purple considering you're wearing a purple vest in your blog profile photo! :) Hope that Wednesday comes around for your quickly so that you can have the excitement of seeing your boyfriend again!!

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -



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