Taking Stock #1

Having a Blog sometimes is difficult. As you need to always think of what to post *really a headache at times*... Being me.. I must admit that I'm not that creative or inspired all the time. I'm Lazy to use my brains. :) Today..While I was going through all my Favorite Blogs.. I stumble into this Post by Her. It is really cool and so I have decided to do the same.. 

Making :  sure I feed my cat everyday
Cooking : Fried Chicken Breast + Omelette + Beans + Mushroom Soup for Brunch today
Drinking : Lotsa Mineral water for now.. Wanna stay Hydrate 
Reading: Just Finished Mila 18 by Leon Uris.. still trying find Trinity as there is currently no free ebook for me to download.
Wanting: Another Holiday by the Beach..ASAP!!
Looking: For more Blogging Post Inspirations
Playing: Candy Crush and I suck at it - That is what my BF told me.. As I'm still stuck at Level 140 and he is at 500++ now *and we start playing around the same time*
Wasting: Money on  nonsense
Sewing: Nothing.. Last time was for the Luau Party, sewing the Lei Flowers*absolutely bad at it*
Wishing: For Lovely Birthday Gifts - Coming soon!!
Enjoying: My time Hugging my Fat Boy Friend
Waiting: For my shift to end today... 9 pm...Not even Half way there yet.. ZZZzzzz
Liking: The Smell of the Rain  -Too Bad its not Raining for the past few days-
Wondering: What to buy next..
Loving: My Kitty Cat
Hoping: For a world Peace.. Stop all the nonsense War!! Cant take it when Innocent people died. :(
Marveling: What is Marveling??!! lol
Needing: My Salary!!
Smelling: Like Tommy's Girl Perfume
Wearing: My Favourite Doggy T-shirt.. Woof Woof
Following: Everybody.. on Instagram.. Bloglovin... 
Noticing: That I'm not loosing any weight!
Knowing: I need to control my food intake..
Thinking: What to eat for dinner later?? :)
Feeling: Annoyed with the constructions Noise in my office at the moment!!!
Bookmarking: Nothing
Opening: My Blog the very first time I launch my Google Chrome :)
Giggling: Over and over again when I watch Little Britain  -Have you guys watch it yet?-
Feeling: Useless in the office as there is no work on Weekend..

Play along and leave me a link if you do so I can check yours out too :) 
Taking Stock idea originates from MeetMeAtMikes xx


  1. This looks like so much fun!
    es x

    1. Yes it is!! Give it a try :) Do you wanna exchange Buttons??? :)

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, dear:)
    I am your follower on GFC(9)

  3. What he's at 500++?? Candycrush!! Haha MEAN

  4. Beautiful picture :)x
    Serena from http://serenbird.blogspot.com/




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