You Are My Favorite Day Dream

Crystal Clear Blue Sea.. White Sandy Beach...Coconut trees everywhere..
Yes.. You... I'M Day Dreaming about you...

Photos Taken at Tioman Island

I'm working this weekend. Sitting alone in the office, nothing much to do except for Day Dreaming.. Sometimes it is nice to have the whole office for yourself, you have all the freedom to do whatever you want.. Just that sometimes it gets scary when you think too much 
*like what if someone else is next to you..but you cant see them*
Okay lets not start thinking about that now.. Back to my dreams.. I really need another short holiday to any beach nearby!!! Lying down my favorite books...drinking fresh Coconuts everyday... sun bathing -but in real life hiding under the big tree.. I don't need the extra color!! -
Island escape is always my Ideal vacation to rejuvenate my energy.. 
Not a big fan of crowded places.. Hate to visit any busy cities- example like Bangkok.. Traffics.. all the humans.. zzzzzz.. These will just drain my energies away.. 
Next Island in my list is Koh Lipe.. Hmmm... Bikini.. Sun.. Sea.. Sand... 
Never Stop Dreaming..zzzzz


  1. Wow! It's gorgeous! I'd love to visit the Tioman Island..

    1. Hi JiNa.. yea it is gorgeous!! you should visit one day..


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