DIY : Weekend Activity Terrariums

Cacti\Succulents Terrarium

I know that this Terrarium "thing" is already famous looong time ago, but for me I just found about it recently. 
Since the only plant that can survive under my brown fingers are only Cacti, so decided to create my own Terrarium. 

Lucky that I discovered this small shop selling all kind of cacti, succulents and other lovely plants near my house. He actually planted all the plants himself and he mix his own soil. Such a good owner, gave me many useful advise on creating terrariums. Not forgetting that he gave me one free succulent as well :)!! Price range of his plant is from RM4 onwards.


Soil & Gravel

My Terrariums

The process are really simple, these are the important stuffs that you need:
- Cactus or Succulent. Make sure that your plant will not grow rapidly - we do not want the plant to outgrow your terrarium.
- Lovely Glass Container with wide opening. Example like fish bowl
- Gravel \ White Stones
- Cactus Mix Soil (Lucky for me the shop I went, he has already mix the everything in the soil, so I don't have to add extra sand and fertiliser)
- Some garden ornaments - for deco

Step by Step
- Place a 2inch gravel at the bottom of container, to provide drainage
- Place a layer of cactus mix soil
- Remove plants from pot and place roots in soil
- Add more soil till it covers up the roots
- Lastly cover the last layer with rocks\stone and we are done!!!

How to take care
- Only need to water the plant once a month
- Don't put much water!! Just a lil bit.

Im happy with my Terrariums. They are really pretty and easy to maintain. Just what I needed at home.

Do you have any Terrariums?? 


  1. great post..the final picture looks amazing! i just followed you on GFC :) hope you return the love :)

    1. Hi Jola, Thanks!! Followed you back on GFC

  2. These are so cute!!! Would be great on my desk :) thanks for a great post

  3. I love this DIY! Amazing result for home decoration! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. I'm so so sorry Shereen, I accidentally deleted your recent comment on my blog, instead of publishing it :(

    2. Lol... I repost my comment again :)

  4. I love love love terrariums! I never made one before though.
    Thanks for posting


  5. All so cute! Terrariums are perfect for me too. I don't have a green thumb like my mother, so cacti and succulents are perfect :)

  6. Definitely trying this & Thanks for posting!



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