TOPSHOP : Brighton Rock & Depth

Lip Colour Addiction!!

From the Left: Brighton Rock, Depth

On me, wearing Brighton Rock - Love the bright Fuchsia Pink colour with Matte Finish. This colour is suitable for my everyday use.  

Depth - Very dark purple colour!! With Velvet finish. This colour makes me look like a vampire..Something different from my comfort zone colour. Still love it.

Must say that I'm not really a big fan of TopShop Cosmetics. But after she let me try some of her TopShop Lipstick. Instantly I know that I must grab them!! Best part is, TopShop Malaysia is having SALES at the moment - Buy one and get another one 50% off. I purchased these two for just RM69.00 - Way cheaper than MAC lipstick.
Plus I just found out that TopShop makeup is made by the same company that makes MAC, means that the quality of the products are good and cheaper. 
Another thing, I really love the TopShop Packaging!! So cute!

Do you own any TopShop Cosmetics?


  1. i love love DEPTH on you. I am so going to purchase it. it's all about the vampy look this fall.
    Es x x

    1. Thanks Estee!! The Depth is nice! Planning to wear it on Halloween since we don't have fall season here.. hihi xx

  2. great review
    thanks for follow my blog
    i've already followed your blog <3

  3. can't get enough..topshop love <3 i need to try Depth *hint hint* lol. looks good on you! x

    1. haha... u shud collect all the colours from topshop!! Or maybe we should wait till Sephora open

  4. pink lipstick is my favourite <3 cute :)


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