100 Happy Days

 Oh Happy Day!!
Cuppy Cakes 
How I wish I could eat cupcakes everyday.. Sadly no. Cause I cant bake cupcakes, and to buy a nice pretty cupcakes is not that cheap. Maybe I should just learn to bake. Maybe just maybe..
Got myself a Red Velvet Cupcake today! As a treat for 'so call' being Happy.
Did you know that I've Join this #100happydays.

Can I be happy for 100days in a row? I don't think So?

It is absolutely impossible to be happy everyday if you are surrounded by negative energy people!!
When I say 'Negative People', they are all in my office *for me*. Lead by a Queen Bee and the tiny followers. Not going to elaborate more but if you are around these backstabbers, gossiper, pretender.. You will need a real good AMULET to protect yourself from these negativity.
Well I know it is normal to have stuff like this going on everywhere, but 8 hours everyday - It will really drain your positive energy away *Even for a happy go lucky girl like me*

 #100happydays. is good because I can distract myself with Happiness - Hopefully!
And so today, I treated myself with a nice Cupcakes cause I am happy by just writing this on the Blog!

Here Are some of the things that trigger my Happy Hormones:

-My Partner In Crime, Fred Is here in Malaysia!
-I'm leaving to China - Xi'An next Monday! For a week Holiday. Counting Days now
-Whole trip is sponsored by my BF, Aki. :) Including the pocket money!!! I will be spending like a princess!! Really need this badly!
-Fred is joining to China with me, always
-The Queen Bee is not around this whole week
-I'm surrounded with PINK stuff
-Zumba class is today..
 - Happy to think that Salary is in next wed!

What about you? Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?? Challenge yourself that!!


  1. the challange sounds good :) its good to have that positive vibe around you..dont worry about the nasty people..they must be unhappy, thats why they behave like that!
    good luck with the challange

  2. This sounds wonderful, such a lovely post :)
    I just found your blog and it is really great, maybe if you like my blog we could follow each other on GFC,
    would be great,
    hope to hear from you :)


    1. Thanks Monika, I Followed you back on GFC & G+

  3. Hello dearie! Gosh, I understand how you feel about poisonous colleagues. I've had my fair share of them too.I think you can still be happy for 100 days in a row when you focus on the good in the bad. E.g. A client spoke nicely instead of screamed your ear off, you get to eat ABC on that day *wink*, there's not much traffic going on while you're on your way to work, etc. These are small things but they do matter. Good luck. :)

  4. Like the comment above says you can be happy for 100 days if you focus on the good
    in the bad, nothing is impossible after all. Good luck!


  5. I love this!!
    I can't wait to see your inspiring posts!!
    Es x x

  6. Good luck on the challenge!


  7. have fun with the challenge and don't get lazy like me!! haha

    1. haha.. hopefully!! 100 days.. kinda alot

  8. It's always really great to step back and see what makes you happy. Great post!



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