Bharata Natyam

Photo Diary : Traditional Indian Dance Charity Event
Tulssi and I

 Bharata Natyam is one of my favourite classical Indian Dance. Really enjoy watching it especially the dancer's face expressions and their unique techniques . Seriously Amazing!!
It is really complicated to explain about the nature of the dance, you can read all about it here.

Last weekend I was invited to attend this Bharata Natyam Charity Event at KALAMANDAPAM Hall.
One of the dancer is my favourite sister from another mother~ Tulssi, *She is actually my Ex bf's sis*
6 Years ago, I was at this very same Hall watching little Tulssi performed her 1st Salangai Pooja(is like the High School Graduation in Bharatanatryam) and now she dance even more beautiful than ever.. I'm really proud of her.
The whole charity event was a success, they managed to collect RM20 thousand in total!!
So happy to meet some familiar faces at the event. It has been a while since I met some of them.. had a really wonderful time there - not to forget that I actually drag along my sister and her husband to watch the show *I think they enjoyed it-hopefully*

Another thing I like about this kind of event is that I can get the opportunity to wear Saree

What kind of Traditional Dance that you like??


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