Of Cotton Candy & PopCorn

Photo Diary : Last Saturday

The BackDrop

Picture time picture time!!

Entrance Balloons Arch

Pooh Bouncy thing - sadly Im too old for this

Snake and ladder - for kids

Favourite Game for the Guys!! Everyone trying to show how strong they are!

BF trying it out too!! Managed to hit 100!! Im proud of you. :)

Trying to score.. but mmm mmm.. this is abit tricky as it look

One of the famous Booth.. Face painting and Portrait Drawing

He got Skill!!

Tadaa... This is the Cartoon Me.. I think I look Prettier in the Drawing..

Angry Bird and Ultraman- combined energy to rule the world!!

Aki and I..

Finally... Time to relax..

Aki's company(HALTON) had a Family Day last Saturday. Too bad the weather was not that good - Hazy!!
Due to that, I didn't take much photo this time.
The whole set up was good. They have few games booth, bouncy 'Winnie The Pooh' castle, popcorn & cotton Candy(My fav), Balloons everywhere.. etc
I must say that I was a little bit disappointed with the Food Service*If compared to the last Family Day*. Aki mentioned that they actually paid for 400pax. But the food was fast Gone and the crowd was not even reached 200pax. So yea- minus point for the food!!
Each Staff got themselves a 'Lucky Draw' Gift. Most of the items are electrical goods. We managed to get an - ELBA Food Steamer!! Now I can start making Steam food, Yay!!
The whole event ended around 2PM.. After party was some BBQ at Aki's Boss home. I dozed off on the way there *For some reason I felt so tired*
The first thing we did when we arrived was - Jumped in the POOL!! Such a relieved to be in the cold water. Drinking.. eating .. chatting.. till 11PM.
Must admit that I was really tipsy and ended up sleeping by the pool from 8pm till 11pm. For some reason Everyone thought I left home. My BF was really close to book a cab and go home without me!!Luckily he realised that my mobile and bag is still there, so he came and look for me.. Phew!!
So yea.. That's how I spent my last Saturday.


  1. Looks like so much fun.
    I love cotton candy.
    love all your pictures too.
    Es x x

  2. winnie the pooh castle!! i wanna jump around haha i guess we're overweight for that?! looks like you had a great time aside from the falling asleep part. glad you made it home safe haha x

    1. haha.. yea.. overweight! MIGHT kill a baby if im in the castle.. xx


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