Six Yards Of Sheer Elegance

..The Perfect matching accessory for your Saree is not the Jewellery but your smile..

-Nothing makes A woman looks more Beautiful Like A Saree does-
I must Agree!
Saree has always been my favourite attire. But it is so difficult to tie. Thanks to JiilaHub (Check her out) for all the saree tying tutorials - now I can tie saree myself!!! 
*Used to pay someone to tie it for me* 
I use a lot of safety pins when I tie my saree - feels more secure and confident that it will not drop off.
I'm thinking of getting more sarees for my own collection now.. :)

Have you ever wear a saree before?


  1. and I follow you. These beautiful, I really like


  2. love this saree, so gorgeous! love the necklace paired with the outfit too. nice xx

  3. you look gorg in the saree! :)


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