Xi An DAY 1 : Arrival

Bumpy Rides

Hey lovelies, It has been awhile since my last Post.. Been busy with my holidays and have no access to blogger since China has block certain websites especially 'Google' page and some other important pages like FACEBOOK!! Unbelievable!!

Here are some of my 1st day Recap in Xi' An, China. After 6 hours bumpy flight, we arrived there around 12.00AM local time. Took us around one hour to arrive at the Hotel. Everything was arrange by our friend - Joyce. The Hotel located nearby Joyce's home, so it is easy for her.
The moment we arrived at the hotel.. First impression was like - ERRRRR.. Is this where Fred going to stay for few weeks?? (I'm staying with Joyce - so no issue for me.. and I will never want to stay at that Hotel as well). Joyce mentioned that the Hotel is 4 Star, but trust me.. It is more like a 2 Star for me. I know with paying only 80 Yuan per night, this is what you get. After the first look at the room etc. Fred decided that he will hunt for a new Hotel 1st thing next morning and he doesn't mind paying for more!! Hahaha that's what happened if you used to live in Luxury.
Since me and Fred was really hungry, and there is no 24hr Restaurant nearby. We had no choice but to eat the street food. Hmmmm.. We have our doubt at first, but the hungry tummy gave us no choice. Had some beef and chicken BBQ and also some noodles. The chicken wings BBQ was nice. While eating, we had some nice view as across the road was a 'Massage Centre' - I guess it is a 'Happy Ending Massage Place' as you could see the customers will never go home alone. *If you know what I mean* 
We were the last customers at that stall, lucky us as we were able to see how they clean their stall. Actually I must say - Unlucky Us!! As it was not the best thing to watch on our first day. They just throw everything on the street, the leftovers to the drains. The smells of the drains etc.. EUUuehhrgghh. Joyce mentioned that whatever they throw on the street, the beggars will collect it in the morning and sell it. But still, for me why cant they put it in a box properly rather than throwing it on the street.*Polluting the street* That's not a good sight, especially for tourists.
 It was nearly 4am when we left the stall. Walked back and hope that none of us will get food poison the next day. It had been a long day. Hoped for a better day when the sun rise.
Good news - None of us get stomach-ache!!!
 Till next Post!
*Sad that there is not much photos on the 1st day as my Phone Batt died on me.*


  1. ah...sounds terrible. 80yuan for a 4-start sounds too good to be true too. glad you guys made it through the night >.<


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