Xi' An Day 2 : Eighth Wonder Of The World

This is the Highlights if you visit Xi' An China. Terracotta Army!! A must GO place!
Took us 1hr 30mins to drive from Xi' An city centre. A bit of traffic along the way due to some constructions. Too bad it was raining the whole day.

Once we arrived at the location, you can see many people are waiting for you to get out from the car. --I call these people as 'Zombies'. They are selling all kind of stuff to you.
Easy Fix: Just pretend that they don't exist.
We went to KFC for Lunch. Joyce said that the Ketchup in China KFC is the best - for me it was so so(nothing spectacular), I still love Malaysian KFC 'Life Ketchup' and Heinz brand. :)
 Taking Pictures Along the way in
Fred is a Ninja
Look... White Pigeons
Jade Shops..
Fred & Joyce
Some Funny shot with Funny Chinese

The journey to the entrance was quite a distance, along the way you will see many shops selling all kind of interesting souvenirs. They sell these 'Terracotta Figurines' in a lovely box. Everything was really nice and we cant wait to start shopping soon!!
So yea, Joyce(My friend) told us that she can get us free entrance. Went to her friend's office to get those free passes. But sadly those free passes only applicable to LOCALS. :(
Entrance fee per person was 150Yuan - Not cheap.
The whole area was really huge! Consists of 4 Big Buildings. Pit 1till 3 and Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum. The maintenance was good and it was surrounded by Mount Li - Amazing View!

 Building behind is the Qin Shi Huang mausoleum
 Pit 3
 Picture before entering
Surrounded by Mount Li  
 Look at the crowd..
 Enjoying the moment
 Ohh look.. hello..

Long Awaiting Moment
The moment I entered the 1st Pit, my Heart Beat Stopped!!! It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen in my life!! To just imagine how these people, those days (with no advance tools) can built such amazing terracotta figures and it was all life-sized. They vary in heights, uniform and hairstyle in accordance with rank. Every terracotta faces have their unique features. It look so real as though as these army was buried alive!! The whole Discovery was just insane!

Just look at the whole area.. Amazing!!

2nd Pit
3rd Pit
3rd Pit
 What is Terracotta Army??
Basically this is a collection of terracotta sculptures representing the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. This is a form of funerary art buried together with the Emperor, the purpose was to protect The Emperor in his afterlife.
The Terracotta Army was Discovered on 29March1974 by some farmers.

Money Spent To visit Terracotta:
Entrance Fee : 150Yuan per person
Take Close up Picture with Fake Terracotta : 10Yuan per person
Car Park : 20Yuan per entrance
Shopping : Remember to Haggle Haggle Haggle!!

Must visit if you have the opportunity one day! Worth every Penny! 
 GoodBye for now.. Will visit you next time!!


  1. wow it looks like so much fun. I am so jealous.
    Thank you for sharing. I need to visit China again.
    I love your outfit too!!
    Es x x

    1. Thanks Estee.. You been to china before??

  2. this looks like so much fun! I think the rainy weather is perfect too. I wish I can make it there someday! glad you had fun x

  3. Wow, stunning pictures.
    Have a nice start in October, dear...


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