Weekend Recap : #01

Why Is Monday is So far from FRIDAY
And Friday is So Near To Monday??
Rainy Sunday by the Pool : Love the smell Of the Rains
Hey Lovelies!! How's your weekend? Good?? Mine was okay.. Just would like to share some of the photos of my Last Weekend!!!
-I went home to visit my Parents.
-Mom made my favourite Dish - Curry Crab.
-From there my sister and her husband decided to go for Ice Skating.
-Since I have not experience skating before, I joined them.
-I was the worst skater in the rink! Even a small girl can skate better than me!  
-After Ice Skating, we had some dinner and do some shopping in IKEA
-I bought their meatballs and the lingon Jam!!
The Royale Chulan Ice Skating Rink - Located at the Curve, click Here
My lil Sister and her Husband - They love to wear same shirt!!
At least they both can Skate pretty Well - Unlike me.
Yeap Picture time!

Say Cheese

Dont pull me away from my Comfy Zone!! I need to hold the side!! Noooo... Im really Bad in Skating!!

This is what I Do best!
Me and my mom!!
-I made Meatballs on Sunday for Brunch!! Yum.. After Brunch, me and my BF continued to ZZZZ..
-We woke up and decided to do some exercise since both of us are getting fat!!
-Went to the Pool for a quick swim.
-After the Short Swim, Bf was complaining about his chest pain. So we went for Chinese massage.
-1hr30mins. Felt really good after the massage! Of course!!
-Stomach was making noise during the massage session - Hungry!!
-We ate Sushi for Dinner.
-Sashimi and Salmon was Amazing!!
-I fell in love with the Japanese PLUM WINE. Taste so good and I drank it like water.
-After two glasses... I was tipsy!!
-Talked non stop the whole night...
Yum Yum
KIM SAN KICHI Restaurant!! Full House and we had to sit outside.
The Pretty Lantern
My Fav!!!
Sushi sushi and the Teppanyaki Beef
Baby Octopus!! But my BF called them Mama Octopus!!
Oh my new Favourite drink!! Plum Wine..
Yeap.. That's how my weekend.. How was yours!!


  1. Looks like you had a blast this weekend. You all look happy. Thanks for sharinf.
    Es x x


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