Xi' An Day 2 : When The Sun Goes Down

Life in Xi'An City Centre
Bell Tower

After the wonderful visit to Terracotta Army. All of us started to feel hungry. Decided to go visit the Muslim Street. 
But before that, we dropped by at the Bell Tower to take some photos and also a quick visit to Starbucks for some coffee.

This City Centre area looks more better than our 1st night Experience in China. There are many shopping malls with International Brands etc. You can see more tourists here as well. It was a good time sipping my Caramel Frappuccino and observed people passing by.

Funny Encounter : While Joyce and I was inside Starbucks getting coffee, Fred was sitting outside smoking... suddenly there was this old lady came to his table.. and started drinking all the leftovers. You should see how Fred reacted - Hilarious!! He then gave some $$ to the old lady. :)
Random Pic Of Joyce and Fred At Bell Tower

 Yeap.. everywhere we go we must drink StarBucks ~ Joyce's Fav

Cheers everyone! 

After our good coffee time, we walked to the Muslim Street. Lovely street with hundreds of stalls selling all kind of fruits, noodles, barbecued meats etc. Whole street was packed with locals and tourists. This street reminds me of "Petaling Street" or "ChinaTown" in Malaysia - Similar concepts.
Muslim Street is a good place to Shop for souvenirs and also to experience local muslim food. 
So many food to try but sadly I was full with Starbucks earlier on. Advisable to visit this street with empty stomach!! We tried on few this and that*cant really remember their name* and all of it was good! We bought few souvenirs from here and its all worth it.
Colourful Shoelaces - Just have to clip it on

People in Muslim Street

Fred and Joyce

Taking Picture in the middle of a busy Street

Barbecued Meat. 

Another Street Shot again

Fred is wondering what to eat next

Some cakes.. Joyce is explaining that this is the best in China.

I think we said next time as we are still full

More BBQ meat

These Muslim Chinese are doing some interesting thing- i dont remember what

Potatoes Potatoes

Threesome Selfie

Ornaments.. STones

Yup BBQ Squid 

This is not bad


We continued our night by visiting one of the Local Club in Xi' An. MUSE Club. The atmosphere of the Club was good, song are more to Dance Techno - Keep your body moving. Great thing about it was that they have this Live Dance Show/Singing every one hour, and the dancer was really energetic!! Interesting concept I must say. Maybe we need something like this in Malaysia. It was only Tuesday night and the Club was packed!! Ermm I wonder whether these people working the next day?? Maybe they are still in College. Damn I'm Old.

Some moments in the Club

We ended our night around 12am. Walked back to Fred's Hotel. Oh yea forgot to mentioned that Fred found his Hotel Room - "FuKai Joya Hotel" Best part they just launch it one day earlier and gave Fred a special price. Not Bad at all. Everything was Brand new. Love the King Size Bed!! Now Fred is a Happy Man!
Fukai Joya Hotel
Till next Blog..


  1. All the food!! Looks yummy.
    Looks like a pretty amazing holiday.
    Es x x

  2. haha so much craziness. still loving that leather jacket! p.s you're not old, don't make me feel old lol

    1. Going to be 30 soon lol!! Time flies fast..

  3. Love this outfit! You look beautiful!
    Christian| www.mysimplemodestchic.com


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