Xi' An Day 3 : Tang Paradise

The Third day in Xi' An pretty much was just a simple lunch in local restaurant. Then we went and visit the Tang Paradise. 
While in Restaurant, what we ate, but I forgot to take picture of our Fish in Tomato. :( :

How they Wrap the bowl and the cups. 

Hmm... In love with this Cabbage in oyster sauce, garlic and dry chillies. Yummy! 

Shredded Potatoes with Garlic and dry Chillies

We Stopped by the local fruit store to get some Bananas

Local Promagranate.. 

After our wonderful lunch which cost us around 100Yuan, we went back to Fred's Hotel to rest. Around 6pm, we took a Cab to go Tang Paradise. Due to traffic Jam, took us around 45mins.

Cab Experience:
I got adrenaline rush while Im in the cab.
Traffic was crazy but yet the cab driver was driving so Fast!!
With all the motorcycle and people on foot, how this cab drive left and right.. Crazy!
Nearly puked when we reached Tang Paradise.
The fare was cheap tho,  starting price is 3Yuan.

While in Tang Paradise:
Waiting outside the entrance while Joyce gets us the Ticket 130 Yuan.

Happy Faces

Tang Paradise Entrance Look.

Architecture looks amazing and well maintained!

Reflections on the lake

Small waterfall... brrrr cold

Hungry Koi Fish.. om om om

Another Building inside.. Huge and so pretty with all the lights

Yup.. cant see me.. too Dark!

Im a Kung Fu master and Im from Belgium!

Spectacular Laser Show, video projection onto water screen - the highlight of the visit.

Night view

The whole area is really huge, we didn't managed to cover the whole thing

me go crazy with the lights

Wearing Fred's Jumper, Zara skirt and my Vans.

Thats Basically how I spent my 3rd day in Xi' An. Till Next Blog- More on Xi'An Trip.


  1. All that lovely food making me hungry!


  2. great post,lovely photos.Hope you'll have a really great time :))
    Wanna follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Let me know on my blog :)


    1. Thanks Valentina!! xx
      followed u on GFC & Bloglovin

  3. I love the photo of the building with it's reflection on the lake. so beautiful.

    1. Love that too!!.. So calm n nice.. xx

  4. Waw, amazing photos, look so great :)



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