Xi' An Day 4 : Dangerous Hiking Trail

If you are in Xi' An, China, you must visit Hua Mountain. As this is one of China's Five great Mountain. 

The mountain's highest Southern Peak reaches 2154m. Consists of 5 main peaks. Popularly known by tourists as the "Most Dangerous Hiking Trail in the World" because some of the hike contains steep ascents via narrow passes.

I was really excited to hike Hua Mountain. Lucky us that the weather was really good on that day. Woke up at 5.30am just to get myself ready!!
Once we reached the North Peak, we started to take some pictures - spent quite some time just taking pictures there. Which was not good because we need to walk further up to do the Plank Walk.

Hua Shan Train Station


Walking to Cable car

View from bottom

Can you see the Cable Car??

 Old Man Amsterdam

 Journey starts after the cable car.

Golden Lock everywhere 

 Fred still can smile after long walk up the stairs

Look at me now.. :)

 Touching the Fish Lip!

 The view of the South Peak from North Peak

 Busy taking Pictures

That Annoying Moment..
I must say I was a very upset with Joyce as she was not aware of the 长空栈道 - Vast Sky Plank Walk (Doesn't even know what I'M talking about). She mentioned that North Peak was the highest peak and its the only attraction at Hua Mountain -Which was completely not true. Cause it was so obvious from North Peak( 1,614m), you could see that the highest peak located at South(2,154m)!!!!
But she still argues with me and Fred. I must admit that I got annoyed with her.
Fred managed to persuade Joyce to continue as she wanted to Quit and wait for us at one of the Restaurant. zzzzz..

We then start heading to the South Peak to walk on the 长空栈道 - Vast Sky Plank Walk. It was really crowded and constantly you must wait for people to crawl up the hill. Along the way, you could see that many people are selling the Golden Lock to add it to the iron railings as a prayer for your family.
Tired of waiting for them.. busy taking pictures-hence the power nap

Hmm many more stairs to go

Rest and appreciate the view of mother nature.

Incredible Experience!!
Once we reached the Sky Plank entrance. The Wind was seriously strong!! Standing against the rocky wall waiting for our turn to walk on the Plank.. Must admit that my legs were a bit shaky and I felt like the strong wind could really blown me away!!
After we got our Harness (30Yuan). The Heart Pumping journey finally started. Refer photos for more ideas on how thrilling this whole thing was. Really worth the visit!

The Plank is not that far from here.

Waiting for our turn.. Loong Queue.. Again.. look at that view! worth it!!

Harness.. The Only safety precautions.. The only thing that keep us safe

 Going down to the Steel rod

Steel Rod.. and the Strong Wind.. I cant feel my legs. I really look Horrible here!!!

Walk on the rocks. Footholds carved into the rocks

On the wood planks now.. Up high above from the ground.

Take a quick Rest.

Weeeeee... we did it.. That feelings.. Priceless

walk on planks a foot wide along the edge of a cliff dropping thousands of feet

Amazing View

Look How they walk on the rock.

Planks..Amazing how they managed to build this

On our way down
Happy Faces after the thrill experience

How to Get There?
We went there by Express Train - Xi' An Train station.
Took us only 30mins to reach Hua Shan Station. Reached at 8.30am.
Ticket price is 55Yuan/one way.

Once you reached the station, there will be free shuttle bus waiting. Bus 1 & 2 - depends which peak you planning to go.
There is one cable car counter nearby the bus station. The one leading up to the North Peak costs 150Yuan return. The one leading to the West Peak costs 280Yuan return (Lasts 20mins).
We opt for North peak. The shuttle bus stopped us just outside the Hua Shan Visitor centre.

The Entrance fee is 180Yuan and 90Yuan if you have student ID - Worth trying any foreign ID card as they wont check it too closely.

To go North Cable car station, we took another shuttle bus from the entrance - 20Yuan/one way

Total cost:
600yuan including food etc.
Bear in mind that the food up here is really pricey.
One normal noodle cup was 18yuan instead of 6yuan

More Travel Guide on Hua Mountain Read Here 

See you again on the next post!!


  1. Love the pictures and the way you have edited but the place looks
    too scary lol! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Yes.. the plank part was scary!! Thanks Subham

  2. Waw, amazing! Looks incredible,
    You look so pretty :)


  3. I love your blog!

  4. OMG, amazing place!


  5. wow amazing post and you are brave girl!!!
    love all your pictures x x x

  6. Ohh amazing photos and you look so nice ;)

  7. The scenery is amazing but the wood planks look so scary!


    1. Yea.. the wood planks was scary!! But it was worth it!!

  8. Shereeenn!! Just looking at the photos made me feel giddy. How on earth could you sit on the planks? I would have been clinging to the rocks bawling my eyes out. Definitely not for me. BUT kudos to you to have done it. Definitely an achievement unlocked babe!

    1. Hahaha.. its worth it... the wind was really strong and I still can remember how my legs were shaking... but once your are on the plank... you will be ok :)


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