Xi' An Day 6 : Last Day!!!

"Don't Cry Because It's Over. SMILE because It Happened!!"
It was my last day on Day 6. Again I slept a lot and it started to rain. I prefer to stay in the whole day actually - Too many people in China, the crowd.. traffic.. honking vehicles.. Dusty street.. etc. etc.  After all this for few days, REST is one of my favourite friend at that moment.
After a good rest. We had a nice lunch together at this "Canton Restaurant". Food was amazing. We ordered the Cabbage again, but Fred and I still prefer the first restaurant's Cabbage.*read about it here*
Restaurant Interior

Fred is waiting patiently for his food.

Nice Lighting



Crispy pork pork

Funny Incident!!!
While Enjoying our lovely Lunch. BAM!! There was a BLACKOUT. Whole Restaurant was in the DARK!! This was the very first experience for me. It was funny when I think about it again. Haha. We had to continue eating in the dark - with some candle lights*so Romantic*. It lasted about another 20mins or so. Then the Electricity was back up. Fuhh!!! 
Eating in the dark

Finally some light after they slide the curtains

Outer part of the Restaurant

After Lunch we all headed to Starbucks. I went for last Quick Shopping again. Left Joyce and Fred at the Starbucks for 2 Hours.. haha.. Was so crazy haggling at the Muslim Market. It was a fun shopping spree for me!! Then OOOps .. I remembered that we had a Dinner Date with Joyce's Family at 6pm. Rushed back to Starbucks then took bus together to the Restaurant.
At The Restaurant.
We were the first one to arrive at the restaurant. Her parents booked us a VIP room - olala. It was a steamboat Restaurant. Lovely place. When everyone arrived, we started to order our dishes. Had a wonderful time with the whole Family.

VIP room

Common Area

My Sauce for steamboat

Own pot for my Soup and Steamboat

Hmmmm Some kind of fish

Fish Head.. Sluurp

Joyce's Family

The Goodbye
The food was delicious. After dinner, I rushed back and started packing. Say goodbye to Joyce whole Family and headed to Airport.
It was overall a good experience to be able to Experience Xi' An, China. All kind of things that I never experience before I've Experience it here. Many good memories and also some bad ones. I wish I could visit more of China Soon. But next country I'm planning to visit is Sri Lanka!!
"The World Is a Book and Those Who do not Travel read Only One Page"
-St. Augustine
"Take only Memories, Leave only Foot Prints"
"To move, To breathe, To Fly, To Float
To Gain all while you give
To roam the roads of land remote
To travel is to live..."
-Hans Christian Andersen
"No One realizes how beautiful it is to Travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow"
-Lin Yutang


  1. Fine Dinning!! Looks so yummy. Thank you for sharing your holiday.
    Es x x

  2. wow! the food looks so good..i am hungry now :)


    1. Haha... yea the food was delicious!! Thanks xx

  3. Food look so delicious. Fantastic pics :)

  4. Lovely photos! And the food are just amazing especially that crispy pork!

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