Xi' An : Haggle Haggle Haggle!!!

Haggle Or Despair
As you are all aware, in China Haggling is a Must!!

I had a wonderful time shopping in China! These are my favourite items that I bought -for myself. 

I have always love Jades and crystals.. Therefore I took this opportunity to get few for me - It is more cheaper in China and you have many choices. 
Im not going to explain more.. Check out the photos :

Tri Colour Jade Bracelet

Purple Jade Bracelet - Something I've never seen before but it is really beautiful.

Pink Jade Bracelet - Instant Crush with this one!!!

My very own Citrine Crystal. This is for prosperity.. More money come please!!

Compact Mirror

Left: Jade Butterfly - This was a gift from Joyce's mom. Really Pretty!!!
Right: Rose Quartz Fox - For love luck, good for relationship... 

All my new natural stones collection!! 

Chinese Tea Set!! Multiple colour... so unique and lovely!! 

Terracotta Army!!! This is a must when you visit Xi'An

My Very own Qi Pao!! Black and Red.. Silk.. 

Haggling Experience..

-Starts with 50% less from what they offer you.
-Walk away if you don't get the price you desire, normally they will stop you and agree with the amount. But if they don't, then that's the lowest price you can get. Maybe go back to the same shop if you cant find the same item elsewhere.
-Most of the shop sell the same things.
-If you buy more than one item, you can haggle more!!
-Some shop will put a note "Don't touch if you are not buying". Then Don't bother to go inside the shop.
 I can blog more about the experience, but I think this is just enough for now.  Thanks for reading wonderful people!!! xxx


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