Movie Date Night

  My kind of Saturday
Pretty Dress Checked, Eyeliner Checked, Lipstick checked and not to forget A smile to complete everything!
Here are some of the photos during our Date Night! Sadly we couldn't take Moikka with us.
When the traffic lights is RED
IPPUDO.. First time we ate here and it was yummy!
Checking on the Menu
Restaurant Deco

Salmon Sushi with Avocado
My Favourite! Plum Wine.. :)
Soup.. Soup
After delicious meal. We went for  INTERSTELLAR movie
This is what happen if you ask your bf to take picture!
Waiting at Gold Class lounge..
Hall 2..

Haha Look at the face... Ready to zzzz.
-Cinema Phobic-
When it comes to Cinema, I'm not a big fan. I have this issue I call 'Cinema phobic' . Whenever I'm in a crowded Cinema, I get this massive Anxiety attack. Getting so nervous on everything, on people around me.. all the strangers sitting around me.. whispering to each other.. eating popcorns.. kicking chairs.. holding hands.. babies crying.. etc..
These things bother me so much and it distracts me focusing on the movie. Due to this I hate cinema.
Tried few times to overcome this, but I only lasted for 10mins.
So yeah, most of my friends stop asking me to Cinema.
Then one day, when Hobbits starts showing on cinema last few year.. My Boyfriend insisted to watch it together in Cinema. Instead of going to the normal one, we went to Gold Class. Of course it costs more *with one gold class ticket price you can watch 7 movies in the normal cinema*, but in Gold class there are less than 40 seats and the distance between you next person is really Far. And the seats..  really comfy.. can fit in two people in one seat!! Plus they provide you with a pillow and blanket. Somehow my anxiety attack is gone.
Since then, we always go to Gold Class. Not always tho.. only once or twice a year!!
INTERSTELLAR was the first movie we watched in the cinema this year and it was a really good Movie!
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The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Tel: 03 2201 6238

GSC Mid Valley
Lot T-001, Level 4,, Mid Valley Megamall Shopping Complex
Batu 2 1/2, Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur



  1. The food looks lovely!! Hope you can take a look at my blog!

    Paige xx
    Skin & Roses

    1. Checked you lovely Blog!! Its nice and I followed you!! Keep in touch gurl! xx

  2. Wonderful pictures. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. You have beautiful eyes! :) Glad to know you enjoyed the movie.

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  4. I don't like movie theater's either. But I love date nights lol.
    ~ Kelly | KellysVida: a Lifestyle, Beauty & Mommy Blog

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    1. Haha.. Date Night is always the Best!! xx

  5. you have so much fun. love it x x
    es x x

  6. sounds really great, sucha a delicious dinner <3 jummie!
    hope you had fun! :)

    keep in touch sweetie :*
    have a great day!

  7. Awh this looks like you had a great time C:

    The Blog Hermit

  8. Cute post :)
    Kisses Emina

  9. YOu look Stunning !
    Have a great Weekend !


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