Taking Stock #2

After Monday & Tuesday
Even the Calender says

Hello lovelies!! Happy Tuesday!! Since I'm lazy to think on what to post, decided to do Taking Stock #2 - Cause Its fun!! Read here for my previous Taking Stock #1
Making :  Love Out of nothing at all
Cooking :  Nothing Today
Drinking : A cup of Brazilian Coffee.. mmmmm
ReadingHer Blog At the moment
Wanting: Another Holiday If Possible!
Looking: For New Puzzle to play. The last Puzzle I played was.. More details HERE
Playing: Candy Crush and still Not good at it.
Wasting: Time Day Dreaming
Sewing: Nothing in a Loong time
Wishing: For Christmas Miracle!!
Enjoying: My precious time with BF before he leave to Shanghai end of this month.
Waiting: For my work to finish.. in about 6 hours..
Liking: my job in the office now.. so peaceful!
Wondering: What will happen to me when My BF is gone to Shanghai. I think Ill be fine!
Loving: My Kitty Cat - Still!
Hoping: That I can visit Finland during Christmas!
Marvelling: Over nothing
Needing: My Salary!!
Smelling: Like Paco Rabanne
Wearing: Something similar like HER - Coincidence today
Following: Everybody that follows me
Noticing: That I only lost 1kg
Knowing: That I only visited two places from this LISTS
Thinking: Should I go gym later?
Feeling:  Hungry
Bookmarking: Few links related to work.
Opening:  My Facebook to stalk on everyone's update
Giggling:  Over THIS
Feeling: Stress over few things.. Hope all is gonna be ok soon!
Play along and leave me a link if you do so I can check yours out too :)


  1. Visiting Finland during Christmas should be awesome. It must be one of the most beautiful places to spend the holidays.

    1. Yes!! Finland is lovely country.. and Santa Clause is from Finland!! Guess what, Im goin there for Xmas! Yay!!

  2. This is a good ideas when it feels lazy😄

    Hope you have a lovely Tuesday.


  3. So funny and wonderful! Really a great post!!

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  4. Wishing you a lovely week. tx for passing by 1



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