Christmas In Finland - The Goodbye

Photo Diary : Näkemiin
It was yet another wonderful trip in Finland.. I have been here few times and still Finland continue to amaze me in many ways. The beauty of the place.. the people.. food.. SAUNA!! I love Everything about Finland!!

Christmas In Finland - The Landscape..

Photo Diary : Finland's Nature
Look Deep Into Nature
And then you will Understand Everything Better
-Albert Einstein-

Christmas In Finland - Pulkkamaki

Photo Diary : Sledding Hill
Too cold outside.. all you wanted to do is to stay home.. sip some red wine and eat Ham all day long..
If Everyday like this... for sure you will gain some kg...
Well luckily its snowing.. more and more.. so its possible for us to go to "Pulkkamaki" means Sledding hill.

Christmas In Finland - Joulupukki

Photo Diary : Christmas Eve
In order to pay for my accommodation.. This is what I need to do!

Christmas In Finland - Day Before The Eve.

Photo Diary : Black And Pink
I Love Winter, Because I don't Look Fat in Warm Clothes.

Christmas In Finland - Day 3

Photo Diary : Patiently Waiting

Christmas In Finland - Day 2

Photo Diary : Frozen

Woke up in the morning.. to be able to see everywhere is covered with snow.. such a beautiful view.. deep breath.. and I count my blessings..

Christmas In Finland - The Travelling Part

Off to Winter Wonderland!!

Sephora Haul

New In - Sort Of
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

X'Mas Mani-Pedi Dilemma

11 more days till Christmas's Eve!

Choose Me.. Pick Me.. Give Me..

Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell!
Ho Ho Ho people!!! Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet? This year I'm super excited cause for the very first time, Ill be using the Real tree instead of the fake one!! *Doing the Happy Dance*
Cant wait to decorate my Real Tree when I'm in Finland.. which is another 11 More Days!!

Friday Got me Feeling Like..

My Thoughts Today

Counting Days

"Hello December,
Make my Wishes Come True"
My very first Advent Calender!
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